Ayurvedic Dosha Decoded for Modern Living

Understanding Ayurvedic Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha

By Just Breathing

What are Ayurvedic Doshas?

Ayurveda, India's ancient life science, knows three primary doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These energies shape our physical and mental traits. 

Discover Your Dosha: Take the Quiz!

To find out your dominant dosha, take this simple quiz. Answer the following questions honestly:

1. Body Type:

A. Lean and lanky (Vata) B. Medium and muscular (Pitta) C. Sturdy and stocky (Kapha)

2. Skin Type:

A. Dry and rough (Vata) B. Warm and oily (Pitta) C. Cool and smooth (Kapha)

3. Personality:

A. Creative and energetic (Vata) B. Focused and intense (Pitta) C. Calm and steady (Kapha)

Vata Dosha Tip

Routine: Regular schedule with grounding yoga and meditation. Diet: Warm, cooked foods. Avoid cold and raw. Self-Care: Self-massage with sesame oil; use ashwagandha.

Pitta Dosha Tip

Routine: Cooling activities; avoid peak sun. Evening walks. Diet: Cooling foods like salads. Avoid spicy and fried. Self-Care: Mindfulness; use coconut oil and Brahmi.

Kapha Dosha Tip

Routine: Vigorous exercise. Stay active. Diet: Light, spicy foods. Avoid heavy, oily. Self-Care: Dry brush; use eucalyptus oil and turmeric.

Embrace Your Dosha for a Balanced Life

Discovering your dosha and following these tips can lead to a balanced life. For deeper exploration, consult Ayurvedic practitioners or explore online resources.

5-Minute Ayurvedic Routines for Busy Morning

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