History of Yoga Timeline by the Scriptures

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The origins of yoga are deeply woven with physical practices that have a history spanning than 5,000 years. It has evolved through eras and philosophies starting from the civilization of the Indus Valley, to the present day worldwide yoga movement.

Yoga has its roots in ancient India, with the earliest mention of yoga practices found in the sacred texts of the Rigveda, dating back to around 1500 BCE.

Ancient yoga has been open to the common man and to each and every human being on this planet.

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Yoga is bringing harmony in thought word and deed Marisha Patanjali elucidated eight limbs of yoga, namely Yama social ethics NEMA personal ethics asana postures “pranayama” directing the life force practical learning.

“Pranayama and Meditation” take the mind deep within uniting diverse aspects of the life of existence is yoga. see every baby is you the postures definitely the baby does but its attitude the way it breathes the perceptual ability, the sharpness all these qualities of a “yogi”.

Origin history and development of yoga philosophy recognizes that as there are many different types of individuals so there are many different paths to the Brahman, an individual may follow a path based on their temperament.

Meditating on this reality always and reminding the soul of its real nature are the only ways in this Yoga.


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