"Celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day, a cultural tribute that replaces Columbus Day, promoting awareness, advocating for Indigenous rights, and fostering a more accurate historical understanding."

What is Indigenous Peoples Day?

Indigenous Peoples Day is a holiday that is recognized in parts of the United States and other countries. It is observed either on the day, as Columbus Day or as an alternative to it.

Columbus Day

Columbus Day traditionally commemorates Christopher Columbuss arrival in the Americas.

Why do we have Indigenous Peoples Day?

The purpose of establishing this holiday is to honor and acknowledge the cultures, histories and contributions of peoples in the Americas.

By celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day we aim to raise awareness about the injustices and ongoing challenges faced by communities.

This holiday also promotes an respectful understanding of Indigenous heritage while addressing the problematic legacy associated with Columbuss exploration and colonization.

Something worth noting Indigenous Peoples Day?

Indigenous Peoples Day goes beyond recognizing history; it also serves as a celebration of the strength and contemporary achievements of peoples.

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Columbus Day has been replaced

In some cities and states Columbus Day has been replaced with Indigenous Peoples Day to highlight art, culture and education through events and initiatives.

Although the specific date may vary it often aligns with the Monday, in October coinciding with or replacing Columbus Day on our calendars.

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