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The Conscious Experiences of Meditation – How to reach Nirvana?

Understand The Conscious Experiences of Meditation. Meditation is the journey of our consciousness towards the self, to go towards the self we have to make the mind and body sublime, when we reach the self we get full Universal Energy.

More universal energy takes us to the realm of knowledge. Consider what knowledge is.
Dyan(meditation) takes our knowledge to a higher level, knowledge is an experience, simply immersing oneself in it.

Let’s dive in deeply! Why meditation is important? To understand Tremendous experiences of meditation – A journey of consciousness.

Meditation increases knowledge.

Doing more and more meditation gives us more power, with this more power we become more absorbed in everything, and in this way, we gain more knowledge.

Knowledge increases our understanding and intelligence, with this understanding we can understand that we are not just body and mind, we understand that we are such wonderful beings, and we can get rid of our problems.

More knowledge expands our consciousness, the expansion of consciousness is the mercy of the soul. Further knowledge comes to us through special senses, such as the celestial eye and the subtle body.
(More energy in meditation is given by special senses, such as the eye of knowledge and the subtle body.)

Eye of Knowledge (Third eye):

The Third Eye (Ajna chakra) will turn the understanding of meditation into reality. A tremendous experience that shows, you have experienced meditation.

The eye of knowledge is a very powerful medium of our soul, a very powerful tool for seeing, feeling, and hearing the reality of the afterlife. These three processes of the soul are the eye of knowledge.

The more we meditate, the more power we get, the more power the dynamic eye moves. This is a unique experience of meditation.

meditation exercises with the Third eye experiences of meditation - How to reach nirvana

When the clairvoyant becomes dynamic, we feel the tension on our brain, we see different colors all around us, And we feel as if we are traveling in a silent dark black tunnel.

After we meditate more, our pranayama body gets more divine energy, which leads to the attainment of our third eye.

This level and the second level make us look perfect, the fullness of the third eye makes many things appear clearer to the Spiritual eyes.

In the second level of reality brings us to see, the things we see that are not seen even by the five senses (See, Hear, Smale, Test, Touch). The things we feel cannot be expressed in words. It can only be understood through the conscious experiences of Meditation.

We have heard different sounds, the arrival of second-level clouds. We see the great man whose physical form is not with us. We see the great man whose physical form is in our imagination.

The Conscious Experiences of Meditation

By paying more attention, we see that great man in the form of intense light. Even after appearing in the form of intense light, we can recognize them. 

We feel the experience of a tunnel journey, and finally the experience of being immersed in the light.

As all, we know that through the experience of third eyes can solve all our problems with the message sent by the great men, or in the form of the experience of the reality of other people.

It will change our behavior, change our faith, change our understanding. The experience of the divine eyes will change the realization of the material level in front of us.
These conscious experiences of meditation cannot be explained in words, the experience of this meditation has to be experienced by oneself.

The Astral body and Astral travel:

Subtle body

The astral body and astral travel through meditation

The microcosm is the tool of the self that imparts knowledge to others, Microcosm is another form of our consciousness. Consciousness is present in our whole body in a normal state like our physical form.

During sleep, we experience the waves of the microcosm of the unknown, which we call dreams. When we are awake, we can experience the microcosm through meditation.

The journey of the microbiome is over time and space. After experiencing the interval in the conscious state, we get the knowledge of new elements.

Consciousness, which is spread all over our body, seems to move towards a point after receiving full world power in compassion.

When consciousness increases we experience tingling in the physical body. It feels like our body is swimming, it looks like not only our limbs, our body feels as light as wings. This power is called transcendental power. This is an amazing experience of meditation.

The astral body and astral travel of meditation and Conscious Experiences of Meditation

In the stage of astral travel in the Experience of meditation, We also feel our five senses (See, hear, smell, taste, touch) Consciously. And Started to sensing the starting points of Energy – the 7 chakras of the human body.

Interval travel through meditation.

Giving more and more compassion gives us maximum universal energy. Our consciousness takes the form of a microcosm and spreads very fast causing the movements to increase, through these movements, our physical body starts coming out of the microcosm.

The two bodies are connected by a String of silver, The String of silver is the consciousness that conveys the message from the physical body to the microcosm and from the microcosm to the physical body.

And this is how we determine the time of the interval.

And thus we determine the path of the interval. The journey of the interval is the journey of the known and unknown of our consciousness. We get the highest knowledge through interval travel.

In the journey of space, our micro-body can travel between all the physical objects and elements like Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Sky.

The microcosm can be fearless among all people.

The meditation person can come out of his body and see his physical body, from which he can know that it is not only the body where he lives.

“Everyone should experience interval travel. Traveling as much as possible will push our boundaries. We will know that we are infinite. Only through these experiences of meditation will we know that we are conscious. We will know a new area of ​​life.”

Nirvana – How to reach nirvana? – What is nirvana? -> The Golden lotus flower!

What is nirvana?

Giving more and more compassion gives us maximum Universal energy. The power to be active in all our work is increased by the power of the universe. 

By being more active than the body, mind, and self, we can understand all the conditions. This understanding is Universal knowledge.

Ordinary people only get experience, because in that state they do not think about knowledge. Because the experience of that state is done by the physical body. 

Gyan Yoga understands the state well because it knows that it is not just the body, it lives in the body. He knows that the stages are for its development.

Practicing it in practical life after experiencing compassion will give us a sense of immense understanding. This understanding will open thousands of doors, these doors will expand the new achievements of our lives. 

Our understanding will increase achievements and knowledge. This will expand our consciousness, which is called the achievement of conscience.

“The conscious experiences of Meditation, this conscience will be like those thousands of golden leafed lotuses.”

Nirvana - how to reach nirvana - what is nirvana - golden lotus flower meditation unblock third eye chakra

How to reach Nirvana

Each leaf will be a new level of understanding, after understanding the maximum amount we will understand the achievement of other people more and more.
From this understanding we will understand that death never happens, we are infinite beings.

Space and science are always trying to find it from the outside. It is as if we are trying to see the whole universe from the balcony of a room. Is it impossible? 

Even after all these costs and sacrifices, someone will ask those scientists what do you know?

I don’t know if the attempts to find the universe from outside are true or not! But it is not possible to see the universe from the outside.

But pay a little attention, it can be felt if it is found on the inside.

“Efforts made over time, through meditation, open all the dimensions of the universe.” – @BreathingStation

Just Breathing.

Now, We will understand what is life. What is death?

A Journey of Life Afterlife

We come to this earth as particles of world consciousness, from the origin we come with a pattern of our own pranayama body. We come to experience something unique on this earth.

For our own experience, we choose a womb or coke. We choose parents, and the environment. The whole pattern of life is known to the self.

After choosing the believer, a particle of consciousness enters the womb of the believer. After the consciousness enters the mother’s womb, life comes to the fetus.

A journey of Life Afterlife - The astral body and astral travel of meditation and Conscious Experiences of Meditation

Changing over time is the law of Nature. Even if you are not ready for that change, nature will change the need.
That is why we go from small to big and finally to the end of life!
But the ultimate soul of this energy is never destroyed. It just leaves the old body, and dies the new body!

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. -Albert Einstein

Life Afterlife

The pranayama body begins to become a natural body according to the cosmic power and because of it. Consciousness often seems to come to the place of origin.

After coming out of the womb, it takes its first breath outside, it is called birth.

From the first day to 7 years we experience the origin, from the age of 7 the body begins to take shape, at the age of fourteen the action is completed.

The action of the intellect begins in 14 years and is completed in 21 years. From the age of 21 to 28, human beings experience a mixture of body, mind, and intellect. For 28 years the human body has been running on its own intellect.

If a man does not become aware of himself, his consciousness is stuck between the body and the mind, and from here all the pains begin, the state cannot understand. It hides in the realm of secret harshness.

Ruggedness stops the spirit of the power of the universe, from which he is trapped in physical and mental pressure and stress, he spends his life carelessly, he does not understand the purpose of his life.

He goes from childhood to old age, from death to old age, he cannot fulfill the purpose of his life, we call it death.

After death:

Even after death, the rigidity of his mind does not allow consciousness to reach its place of origin.

Heaven and hell decide for themselves because of misconceptions, and the little ones remain as spiritual particles.

If a man becomes a lake in himself and starts life, then everyone will be happy in the present. Even after death, it will not remain in the lower people. It will reach the place of origin.

Floating feeling during experiences of meditation

More knowledge is gained from the third eye experience and the microcosm experience. This knowledge explains the meaning of life and death. The body, the mind, the intellect itself, and the power of life are understood equally.

Consciousness comes to this earth to take power and knowledge.

Man will understand that consciousness is a mixture of cosmic power and knowledge. Consciousness comes to earth to take power and knowledge. By living based on everlasting truth, human beings can fully understand the entire creation system.

Through this understanding, human beings can become a wonderful creator. And then every sentence of a human being will be a Brahmavakya, whatever he thinks will be achieved, all his deeds will be new inventions, it is ‘Gyanbodh'(Enlightenment).


Meditation on the breath is that reality.

Nature always keeps its life energy cycle going. The desire to be infinite and never to end, this man’s curiosity! It has also opened for him the doors of all the dimensions of the infinite universe.

We are lucky to be born in the body of a person with such an intelligent mind.
If you read this, remember that this opportunity in the human body, knowing something through meditation, is about to be freed from the bondage of eternal life and death.

If you have such a conscious experience of Meditation, or if you want to do it, show us what you need!

But remember that breathing is the first and last link between life and life. If you need to try to understand this breath keep an eye on the breath.

Just breathing! Until the last breath of life.

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So this is the spiritual truth about experiences of meditation. I am meditating every day! It depends on how much and where I meditate.

The meditation begins and ends with the focus of BREATHE. I hope you will experience it. Or You know something about the conscious experiences of Meditation! Share this information with our one-world community. To spread more awareness and message of the conscious experiences of Meditation.


Breath | Yoga | Meditation | Health | Affirmation Just Breathing Until the last breath of life. The Secret of life is only Breath. Yes, look and feel your breath whenever you breathe. Keep breathing – Just Breathing! The truth is, we know that inadvertent breathing is lethargic! But do you think that the work done unknowingly was done by mistake? So don’t we make a mistake in breathing! The presence of the mind with time is the only real meditation. Always live in the waking state and always keep breathing.

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