You are currently viewing Meditation is the key to Happiness. The secret of Universal mind Meditation

Meditation is the key to Happiness. The secret of Universal mind Meditation

In this article, we will understand The secret of Meditation: meditation is the key to happiness and everything, With the secret of universal mind meditation and guided out-of-body experience meditation.

We are going a different way through spiritual truth. If we understand the flow of Universal Energy in our lives! It will lead to the limit of knowledge and happiness.

With breathing this spiritual truth is built on the Dyan and experience of the Secret of meditation. Read this information on the secret of universal mind meditation with a conscious mind. Don’t analyze this, get immersed in it.

Get rid of all thoughts.
Take a deep breath.
Just keep reading, this is just for you.

Meditation is the key to happiness

We are a tiny particle of this whole creation.
We all have the same quest for good health, good luck, peace, knowledge, and power means a demand for happiness and peace in any situation.

All human beings work hard to get this, but can they get it?
Yes, it can be.

This can happen when we understand self-knowledge and universal energy.

So let’s go to know the power of the universe.

The Power of Universal Energy.

Universal energy is all over the universe – Everywhere.

All the constellations, planets, atoms, and Human beings are bound by this Energy. This universal energy is everywhere, its bond keeps the whole universe in order.

The energies of the universe are Divine power.
Universal energy is essential for the balance and conscious Breathing of our lives. World power is the essence of all our work and action.

In sleep and complete peace, we get a little Universal power.
We use this power in all our daily activities like seeing, hearing, speaking, thinking, and all the functions of the body.

This little energy we get during sleep is not enough for all these activities, so you should be tired, and full of stress, this can lead to physical and mental stress and also make you sick.

To get read of all this,
we need to get the maximum power of the Universal Energy.

The power of the universe is needed to maintain the balance of our body, for a happy and healthy life, to do all the work, to increase knowledge, and finally to increase our consciousness.

The full Universal Energy we can get only through out-of-body experience meditation.

Meditation is the key to Everything

What is meditation?

“Meditation is one attempt! to be above the thinking of the mind, to Realize the inexplicable stage of awareness.”

Sleep is unbreakable kindness and meditation is a little sleep, in sleep, we get a little bit of energy, and meditation gives us a lot of energy.

This power increases the power of our body, mind, and intellect. Also awakens the sixth sense and much more than this

With this increased power of meditation, we can be happy without stress. Our power increases a lot. That’s why meditation is the key to happiness…

out of body experience meditation guided meditation out of body experience
out of body We are all psychic. And learning to access the spirit world is well within your reach.⁣
Whether you believe it or not – you were born with this deep-seated intuitiveness. ⁣

As your connection to spirit grows, your dreams will be one of the best ways to receive messages from teachers and guides. Pay attention to your dreams, and notice the signs..

The key to Meditation is our consciousness coming towards itself. With meditation, we deliberately move towards the mind, from the mind towards knowledge, and from knowledge towards the self and beyond.

To be meditation, we have to stop all the movements of our body such as body movements, seeing, speaking, and thinking.

The secret of universal mind meditation

How does meditation happen?

The first task for Dayan is the position, you can sit in any way, and sitting should be relaxing and still. We can meditate by sitting on the ground and in a chair. Meditation, We can do that anywhere where we are comfortable.

Sit comfortably, bend the legs, bend the toes. Close your eyes, put a rope on the inside and outside sound, and do not chant any mantra. Relax the body, relax at once, relax at all.

When we bend the legs and trap the toes, the range of power increases, and the stability increases.

The eyes are the door of the mind so the eyes should be closed, chanting mantras, inside or outside any medicine, these are all actions of the mind so it has to be closed.

When the body is left relaxed, consciousness reaches the second chamber.

Guided meditation out of body experience

Mind and Intellect:

The mind is a set of thoughts, many thoughts are emerging in our minds. Questions arise when ideas come, knowingly, and unknowingly.

We must meditate on our breath to express the mind and intellect. It is our nature to take care of ourselves.

Do not inhale or exhale intentionally. Breathing in and out should be spontaneous. Focus on natural breathing, this is the definition and that’s the way to meditate.

Don’t chase thoughts, get rid of thoughts, focus on breathing again, and focus on natural breathing. Loss of breath, then the depth of breath will decrease, and gradually the breath will become lighter and smaller.

Eventually, the breath will become very small and will shine between prices. In this state, everyone will have no breath, no thoughts. That will take away from the thoughts. This state is called the Nirmal state or state of thoughts without, this is the state of meditation.

This is the stage when the power of the universe starts raining down on us, the more compassionate we are, the more universal energy we will get.

The cosmic power flows into the power of the pranamaya body, the body full of energy is called pranamaya.

  • Just Breathing meaning! And What if I just breathe Every Movement?

A pranayama body full of universal energy.

the secret of universal mind meditation - The full Universal Energy we can get only through meditation

The pranayama body has more than 5,000 colorless ducts or power ducts that are spread all over the body. Shakti ducts start from the part of the head called Brahmarandra. These tubes are spread all over the body like branches and branches of a tree.

This pranayama body is the toxic base of our body. The pranayama body is the source of our work and our existence.

The pranayama body finds cosmic power in deep sleep and meditation, we use this power in physical and mental actions, such as seeing, speaking, thinking, hearing, and whatever physical actions we do.

The basis of all this karma is a universal power, the value of universal energy is based only on our thoughts. When we start thinking, the price of universal energy stops. It means that our thinking is the bond of universal energy.

When the price of universal energy stops, there is less power in the power tubes. This deficiency throws colorless microscopic ticks in the energy of our body.

These ticks slowly cause disease in our body, meaning a lack of energy in our pranayama body is the reason for all diseases.

Out of body experience meditation

By meditation we get a lot of world power which reaches the whole body through our power tubes when the universal energy reaches the power tubes in very large quantities the colorless microscopic spots start to disappear, When this is completely cleansed, we are free from all diseases.

We feel heaviness in the head and whole body when the power starts flowing in ‘Brahmarandrama’ When the power starts clearing the tubes of our body, there is a feeling of itching or pain in that part of the body.

Sometimes we even experience pain in some parts of the physical body. We do not need to take medicine to get rid of this pain.

Meditating more and more takes away the pain. Meditation can get rid of all physical and mental ailments.

If we meditate while sitting inside the pyramid, the state of meditation reaches three times faster than normal to understand out of body experience meditation. The secret of universal mind meditation.

The Importance of Pyramid in Meditation

If we sit inside a pyramid and meditate, meditation is three times faster and more than normal meditation.

Now let us know what is the power of pyramids and pyramids.

The pyramid is one of the strongest buildings on our planet. Which gets the most world power. The angle of the pyramid is 52 degrees 51 minutes, this angle gives the highest universal power.

Pyramids can be made of anything. The pyramid must be placed in the right direction, north-south, and east-west.

The world power gathers at a height of one-third below it. That place is called Shahi Shiksha Kaksha – (Imperial education level).

Adiyogi pyramid - Isha Yoga Centre and meditation center Shahi Shiksha Kaksha - The importance of Pyramid in Meditation
Isha Foundation is a non-profit, spiritual organization founded in 1992 near Coimbatore, India, by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. The Isha Yoga Centre, offers yoga programs under the name of Isha Yoga. The foundation is run entirely by volunteers and it has over 9 million volunteers.

The power of Pyramid Meditation:

Literature has to be the highest world power. A crystal is placed on the top of the pyramid, which increases the power of the universe and reaches all the parts of the pyramid.

If we pay attention to the pyramid, Nirmal Shakti can be found soon. Pyramid folk also come in handy for the exchange of the afterlife.

Meditation inside the pyramid helps in healing. And all of the compassion is experienced.

Now let’s look back at what we have learned so far.

“Meditation is a journey towards self-realization.”

For this, we have to make the body excellent.

Sitting in a relaxed manner relaxes our body, and helps the consciousness to become Bhavatirtha, By focusing on our natural breath we make our mind Bhavatirtha.
When our body becomes Bhavatirtha, world power begins to grow.

The Conscious Experiences of Meditation – How to Reach Nirvana?

World power removes all the diseases of the body. And recover without medication. The world power removes all stress by doing more and more compassion.

Doing more and more kindness will also increase the power of our understanding, which will also increase our relationship with others.

Meditation will lead to a happy family life, peace of mind, and compassion that makes us happy and blissful. Meditation gives us answers to our questions, and we need to meditate every day to get more than that.

As we continue to meditate, our minds will become calmer, calmer, and wider. It will also increase our memory.

Meditation can be done anywhere, #meditation can be done at any time.


Techniques of meditation:-

How to meditate?

1. Get comfortable.
Sit in a way that’s accessible to your seat in a chair, or legs crossed on the floor, or even lying down.

2. Focus on your breath.
Notice where you feel your Breathe (inhales and exhales); the nose, chest, belly. Follow the rise and fall of your breath.

3. Notice when you’re lost in thought.
When you notice your mind traveling off, see if you can shift your attention back to simple in-breaths and out-breaths. ZERO thing mind!

4. Treat yourself kindly.
How you speak to yourself at that moment when your mind wanders is an essential part of the practice, be kind begin again.

Breathing Meditation Techniques

At the same time, we should meditate for the right amount of time. For example, a 30-year-old person should meditate for 30 minutes according to his age.

You don’t have to be away from your family to be kind. Compassion should be done by all. Children can do the best kindness. Children can start compassion at the age of 5.

You don’t need a Guru to do Dayan (meditate), your Guru is close to you, your breath. Your breath is your guru and for all this.

Awake self-consciousness to Self-inquiry:- who am I?

Find the difference between (What we thinking and What we are!) - Universal energy come through breathing meditation
Find the difference between (What we thinking and What we are!)

Quickly ask yourself, over and over again, who am I?

  • I feel happiness and sadness, excitement and fear, love, and anger, but I am not those feelings. Who am I?
  • When everything that I think I am falling away, what remains? Who am I?
  • I have vivid memories of the past, but I am not those memories. Who am I?
  • I have a name. But I am not my name. Who am I?
  • I have compelling hopes and dreams for the future, but I am not those thoughts. Who am I?
  • I have a relationship, but I am not in those relationships, who am I?
  • I have a body, but I am not my body. Who am I?

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So that’s it, this article is all about The secret of meditation: Meditation is the key to everything, Meditation is the key to happiness, The secret of universal mind meditation, Out of body experience meditation, Guided meditation out of body experience…

Enjoy your life in better manners and meditate every day with Breath.

Just breathing _/_


Breathe | Yoga | Meditation | Spirituality | Nature | Ayurveda | Wellness | Mindfulness | Energy Healing | Self Development | Crystals & Gemstones | Spiritual Life | Enlightenment | Affirmation. Just Breathing Until the last breath of life. The Secret of life is only Breath. Yes, look and feel your breath whenever you breathe. Keep breathing – Just Breathing! The truth is, we know that inadvertent breathing is lethargic! But do you think that the work done unknowingly was done by mistake? So don’t we make a mistake in breathing! The presence of the mind with time is the only real meditation. Always live in the waking state and always keep breathing.

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