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How Many Chakras are there? How to Unblock Chakras Through Affirmation!

In this article, we will discuss how many chakras are there in the human body. – How to unblock chakras? – How long does it take to unblock chakras – Chakra meditation for beginners – what happens when your chakras are balanced and 7 chakra affirmations

How many chakras are there?

114 chakras are there in the human body. Chakra literally means a wheel. But what we are referring to are the junction points of the Nadi’s or the energy pathways in the body. 

These pathways always meet in the form of a triangle, a will means a circle. Definitely trying little triangular wheels are jazzier.

They always meet in the form of triangles, but we call them a chakra because when we see in somebody. We see it more in a circle because it’s radiating a certain dimension of energy.

Because it’s radiating, all radiation always happens in circular form. you might throw a triangular stone into a lake still the ripples are circular.

Just like that, this may be a triangle but when we see it, is circular. And another thing is it’s such as a moment from one dimension to another. we say it’s a chakra because it takes your cross.

How Many Chakras Are in the Human Body

So there are

114 chakras in the human body, major chakras… 

There are more; Major chakras which can be worked upon are 114

Out of this 114 chakras in the body:  Two are outside the physical body, 112 are within the body 

Out of these 112 chakras in the body: (112 chakras of shiva) Four there is nothing much to do about them. That is if you work the other things, these things will happen by themselves, they don’t need any system to be worked upon.

So 108 are the things that can be actually worked upon. so there are 114 systems of meditativeness.

114 Chakras are there in the human body - How to unblock the chakras through affirmations!
How many chakras are there?

Short Story Behind Chakras!

[Adiyogi(Shiva) got a hundred and twelve different ways to realize. So when he sat down with the seven sages, the saptarishi’s. (The names of the current Saptarshis are: KashyapaAtriVasisthaVishvamitraGautama MaharishiJamadagni, and Bharadvaja. The Saptarishis keep changing for every Manvantara.)

Shiva was expanding as to how the human mechanism functions and there 114 out of this 100 drow. So he spoke about 112 ways of attaining one’s ultimate nature. 

Parvati his wife who was a witness to this teaching. She’s already attained but now she’s a witness. Parvati just hanging around in the programs.

She was looking at it and she said, why not more?

why only 112? There should be more ways!

Shiva was completely focused on what he was doing. When she said this. He just dismissed her, 

Shiva said, ‘there are no other ways’ there only 112. She felt stung that in front of these seven people he dismissed her like that.

So Parvati said, ‘there must be small ways maybe you don’t know.’

He said, ‘there are only 112’  This impertinence! He said, leave! 

So Parvati said ‘I will find more ways’ And she went. She withdrew into the mountains and did where are severe austerities and she…

After many years of work she came. 

Shiva was still expounding various dimensions of yoga

Parvati came, being his wife, she could Have… After such a long absence she could come and sit next to him, but she came and sat down one step below to indicate that she has failed. 

So that the language between the two of them. Parvati doesn’t want the seven people to know that she failed, but she wants him to know that she is failed, so she came and sat one step below.]

114 Chakras in the human body - how to unblock chakras - how many chakras are there
114 chakras in human body

Why 114 chakras in the human body?

This story continues into various other aspects as to how Parvati involved herself. And she is being used as somebody who brings doubt. 

Shiva is going with such absolute power, these seven people are overwrought. So Parvati is brought in as an uncommitted observer who comes up with doubts here and there. 

Because somewhere tomorrow when it is thought, not everybody may be as committed and as focused and as receptive as the seven people were naturally they will come up with these doubts. So she came up with these doubts which normally people would come up with.

So these 108 are the things that you can work with. The remaining four just flowers for you, this bonus if you work well with them.

108 the other four will happen;

It’s a rewarding place – will anyway happen. If these 112 have happened the other two will anyway blossom by themselves. They are not within the physical structure of the body.

So these 108 this 108 is a number that is manifested in this system because of 108 is a significant process or a significant number in the making of the solar system. 

  • The diameter of the Sun and the distance between the planet and the Sun is a hundred eight times over. 
  • The diameter of the moon and the distance is a hundred and eight times.
  • In many ways you will see 108 being a proportion in the making of the solar system – that is the reason why…

Chakra manifestation:

The important thing about ‘Hata yoga‘ is to constantly acknowledge that this body has taken shape like this, this body has become this kind of manifestation, Mainly because the way the potter’s wheel is, because of the solar system the way it is, that is why this manifestation. 

So Adiyogi very clearly said, ‘If this human body has to evolve further. some dramatic or drastic changes need to happen in the structure of the solar system, only then the structure of the human body will change, ‘because it’s reached its fullest development in terms of physical structure.’ 

Now, one can transmit effortlessly if all of this the hundred and twelve are on, the transmission is effortless. 

You want something to happen there, you don’t have to go there you can sit here and make it happen. 

To live a normal life, to live a full-fledged physical life you need only 21 chakras. 

21 chakras in your body are reasonably operating, nobody will think anything wrong with you; you will be a full-fledged human being. 

What are the remaining things about? 

The remaining things if they open up are various levels of perception. It opens up dimensions of perception that suddenly people are saying… ‘people will start saying is magical or mystical, simply because the different dimension of perception is opened up. 

So only 21 are needed to live a full-fledged life; the remaining are only about higher dimensions of perception, that you are no more human, in other people’s understanding of leisure. We’re very much human this is a human system. 

Because most human beings do not… the majority does not flower… 

The important thing is that all the chakras are on, which means you can simply transmit anything that you wish;

The problem is always of receptivity. 

People are meditative but many fools do not know they can meditate. 

When they sit not for meditation, they don’t even know that they must meditate… if they sit somewhere their experience of everything is way better than others but many of them still don’t have the brain to understand that they are naturally becoming meditative, without any effort, somehow and they sit down others don’t sit down. 

But their experience of life is way better because of their meditative nature because they have been initiated correctly. So we can transmit this to anybody receptivity is the problem. 

Chakra meditation for beginners:

To generate receptivity there is a lot of work to do, So you can sit here and let’s say you run a radio station, you can transmit in there very easily, But if nobody has a do what is the use! Let’s say you started transmitting her from a radio station before Marconi came and nobody has a radio but your transmitting and transmitting, what does it matter? 

Nothing happens…

So that is always there. There is some impact of the transmission on people, even if there is no receptivity, but it is not… it does not translate into other dimensions, because there is no receptivity. It is easier to transmit to rocks than to human beings. 

I am NOT trying to raise rocks and insult you! But it’s easier to transmit to rocks because a certain types of rocks have the necessary physical integrity but they don’t have a brain. They don’t think themselves out of things. 

See, the problem with a human being is, largely he has thought himself out of many natural capabilities that he already had. Aren’t people thinking themselves out of their joy haven’t they?

How they work when they were children, how are they thinking of themselves out of their joy and love and the natural things that they had? 

Human beings are thinking themselves out. Because of that, whatever you give them they can think themselves out.

So thought is not working always for human benefit. Most people do not know how to use it for their well-being; largely people are using it to work against themselves. 

What happens when your chakras are balanced?

If you activate the energy system to its fullest possibility, the transmission is natural. You don’t even have to go all the way. 

Then If you activate 63, you can transmit quite powerfully. Now If you have 63 chakras going we can say you are a sage… beginning to be an early sage. 

Only If you have 84, you have crossed many limits which normally people think are superhuman. And If you reach 108 that means you are completely there. 114 or fully on means you and him will be the same, no difference. If you become receptive. You will know everything about the human mechanism… Everything.


Basic knowledge about 7 Chakras

How to unblock Chakras

The main basic energy centers of the body Cold as The chakras are related to the seven. Each of the chakras correlates to major nerve ganglia branching out from the spinal column. Also, the chakras are correlated to colors, sound, body functions, and much more.

how many chakras are there in human body - how to unblock the chakras
How to unblock Chakras

7 chakras for beginners

The Crown Chakra:

Crown chakra color: 7th chakra Color is violet.
Importance of crown chakra: Spiritual connection, understanding, knowing, bliss, oneness.
Also known as Sahasrara. This Crown chakra is located at the top of the head. The crown chakra is linked to the crown of the head, the nervous system, and the brain and represents tive of pure thought.

The Third-eye Chakra:

Third-eye chakra color: 6th chakra color is indigo.
Importance of third eye chakra: clairvoyance, psychic abilities, imagination.
The brow or third-eye chakra, is also known as Ajna. This chakra is located at the top of the head.

The Throat Chakra:

Throat chakra color: 5th chakra color is blue.
Importance of throat chakra: Speech, self-expression.
The throat chakra, also known as visual-dha. This chakra is located in the throat. It is linked to the throat – neck – hands & arms. The throat chakra is connected with our speech and hearing and encourages spiritual communication.

The Heart Chakra:

Heart chakra color: 4th chakra color is green.
Importance of heart chakra: Love, balance, compassion.
The heart chakra, is also known as Anahata. The heart chakra is located at the center of the chest And is linked to this entire area, the heart and lungs. Circulatory system, and cardiac plexus.

The Solar Plexus Chakra:

Solar plexus chakra color: 3rd chakra color is yellow.
Importance of Solar plexus chakra: Mental functioning, power, control freedom to be oneself.
The solar plexus chakra, is also known as Manipura. This chakra is located in the stomach area and is linked to the organ’s muscular system in that area.

The Sacral Chakra:

Sacral chakra color: 2nd chakra color is orange.
Importance of abdomen (Sacral) chakra: Emotion, sexual energy, creativity.
The sacral chakra is also known as Svadhisthana. This abdomen chakra is located beneath the navel close to the genitals. The sacral chakra is linked to the sexual organs and reproductive system.

The Root Chakra:

Root chakra color: 1st chakra color is red.
Importance of root chakra: The kundalini energy chakra, instinct, survival, security.
The base or root chakra, also known as Muladhara Chakra. (Mul + Adhar) The Starting Base of All Chakras. This chakra is located at the base of the spine and allows us to be grounded and connect to the universal energies.

Why root chakra is Main? How to awaken root chakra

You feel so many times the sensation of basic feeling or root chakra. Whenever you feel that active energy, This is the name of the Game!

When Ever you feel this energy Or activate this root chakra energy, you immediately throw out that energy. 

For a moment you can feel the vibration of that infinite energy.

But if you pay a little attention instead of wasting that energy, you will try to save that energy, So you need to complete this journey of energy from Muladhara to Sahasrara.

This desire to become infinite has fulfilled the quest of man to inhabit the entire universe.

It is not particularly difficult to see the Infinite Universe through that Gyanachakshu, But it can only be achieved with true resolutions.

If anyone is reading this today, please join us on the journey to the realization of infinite joy, with the first resolve to breathe.

Yes, Jest Breathing.


Are Universal Patterns And Hidden Messages.

How to unblock chakras? And How long does it take to unblock chakras?

All methods of awakening the chakra work, if you adopt one! All the chakras can be opened by meditation, mantras, sounds, breaths, thoughts, and by how many methods the chakras can be opened.

Each method has its own location and limits. It is important to understand that. A study done in a hurry or incorrectly can also put them in trouble.

So always try to open the chakras or control the chakras of the body only after the guidance of the true Guru.

But looking at the breath will open all the secrets of this universe for you – Just Breathe.

First, As you relax, practice directing a slow inhale into your chakras, slowly exhaling its energy through your mouth.
Do this breathing exercise, Allow yourself to get in touch with any emotions that may be stored in that chakra.
Then visualizes a Chakras color sphere of light at that chakra. Imagine it growing and becoming more vibrant, radiating healing light into your chakras.
Notice if the sensation you initially felt there has changed after the breathwork and visualizations.
Repeat for all the chakras, with their corresponding location and color, ending at the crown chakra.

Here we try to open the chakras while breathing. Try to affirmative the chakras while breathing. And according to the color of that wheel, we will think of that color or anything of that color in our mind.

Chakra affirmations with conscious breathing!

114 Chakras are there in the human body - Chakra affirmations with conscious breathing!
7 Chakra affirmations with conscious breathing!

7 Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations for each chakra and chakra meditation for beginners as Bellow:

Root chakra affirmations: 

  • I accept all of the abundance in my life. 
  • I nourish my mind, body, and spirit.
  • My energy is grounded to bring in healthy energy flow.
  • I have everything that I need for an abundant life.

Things to do to unblock root chakra. How to awaken root chakra?

Eat healthy root vegetables, Red foods like tomatoes, apples, beets, berries…

  1. Spend some time in nature. 
  2. Make pottery 
  3. Stomp your feet to connect with the earth or ground. 
  • Sound: lam
  • Chant the mantra sound for Root chakra affirmations: “LAM.”

Sacral chakra affirmations:

  • I am creative in all of the areas of my life.
  • I am open to receiving all that life offers. 
  • I forgive my past and embrace all of the positive moments of the present. I have a healthy state of passion and sexual desire in my life.

Things to do to unblock Sacral chakra.

Eat orange foods like melons, mangoes, carrots, oranges…

  1. Dance – Latin dances such as salsa, especially belly dancing, and other dances that move the hip area.
  2. Learn creative expression to help how to express your emotions in healthy ways.  
  • Sound: vam
  • Chant the mantra sound corresponding to Sacral chakra affirmations: “VAM.

Solar plexus chakra affirmations:

  • Fully enjoy everything that I do.
  • I value and trust myself fully. 
  • I am enough and everything that I do in life is enough.
  • I am a powerful, Magnificent being of light and radiant.

Things to do to unblock Solar plexus chakra.

Eat yellow foods like turmeric, pineapple, bananas, ginger, corn…

  1. Wear yellow clothing.
  2. Create healthy energy boundaries with your inner power. such as a talk with a toxic coworker.
  3. Try things outside your comfort zone.
  • Sound: ram
  • Chant the mantra sound to Solar plexus chakra affirmations: “RAm.

Heart chakra affirmations:

  • I love myself in every area of my life. 
  • I give love and love comes back to me. 
  • I deserve happiness, prosperity, and love in all areas of my life. 
  • In harmony with my energy, All my emotions are balanced.

Eat green color foods like broccoli, avocado, and green vegetables…

Things to do to unblock Heart chakra.

  1. Flower of roses. Roses resonate at the heart chakra. 
  2. Practice forgiveness—of yourself and others. 
    1. Drinking drinks that soothe the throat.
    • Sound: ham
    • Chant the mantra sound for Throat chakra affirmations: “HUM.”

Throat chakra affirmations:

  • I express my feelings easily and freely.
  • I own my power and feel fully alive. 
  • I am calm, confident, and well-spoken. 
  • I communicate effectively with everyone in my life.

 Eat blue foods including dragon fruit, blueberries, currants, kelp…

Things to do to unblock Throat chakra.

  1. Practice chanting, singing, reading aloud, and humming.
  2. Wear the color light blue. 
  3. Drinking drinks that soothe the throat.
  • Sound: ham
  • Chant the mantra sound for Throat chakra affirmations: “HUM.”

Third eye chakra affirmations:

  • I listen to my intuition every day.
  • I am connected to my highest truth. 
  • I trust that my life is unfolding exactly as it should.
  • I am open to my intuitive abilities and use them for my highest good.

Eat indigo Color foods like grapes, prunes, black currants, blueberries, eggplant, beets, blackberries…

Things to do to unblock Third eye chakra.

  1. When you receive any hint, act on it. 
  2. Set the intention that you wish to connect with your inner wisdom. 
  3. See or Add indigo and dark blue colors to your Circumstance.
  • Sound: sham
  • Chant the mantra sound to Third eye chakra affirmations: “SHAM.”

Crown chakra affirmations:

  • I am guided by my inner wisdom.
  • I am at peace, whole and balanced. 
  • I honor my body as the temple that nourishes my soul.
  • I am connected in with my higher self conciseness and the divine spirit for positive energy.

At this level, there is no longer a physical body. Nothing with Everything! but with spiritual practices. Practice self-reflection and curiosity.

Things to do to unblock Crown chakra.

  1. Cultivate a practice of meditative and gratitude.
  2. Wear the color purple or white. 
  3. The Divine within yourself, and the Source | Universe | God | Energy | Truth
  • Sound of Silence: om 
  • Chant the mantra sound to Crown chakra affirmations: “OM.”

All the knowledge of chakras shown here is for every person! Who desires to come in contact with the supreme power through meditation.

All the information shown here is given by us through our Guruji Sadguru and other means. But it’s just an inspiration.

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to anyone in this world. Any knowledge I have acquired is someone else’s gift. Someone gave me the knowledge that then knowingly or unknowingly I took it from someone else. Everything we show here is an inspiration, that we have taken from others. If there is any request for improvement or removal in this regard, please contact us: 

Image Copyright: We have taken all the photos shown here after checking the copyrights in the public domain. 1) 2) ]

You can also use this amazing information for the welfare of the informed society, but only in the form of inspiration!

You can find answers to following Queschan about Chakras:

How many chakras are there?

  • How to unblock chakras?
  • Chakra meditation for beginners
  • What happens when your chakras are balanced?
  • What are the colors of the 7 chakras?
  • How long does it take to unblock chakras?
  • What happens when you open your chakras?
  • Chakra affirmations.
  • How to Manifest Anything you want in life?

I hope you find all the answers to these questions about Chakras! If there any recommendation related to this content of Our Website, please mention in a comment!

But keep breathing until then and keep spreading this message to the world as much as possible.

Just Breathing.

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The concept of chakras, energy centers within the human body, has long intrigued spiritual seekers and practitioners. While the most commonly recognized system acknowledges seven main chakras, questions often arise about the existence of additional chakras. Some mention 114 chakras, while others refer to 112 chakras of Shiva in specific spiritual traditions.

Understanding how many chakras there are can be a matter of interpretation and belief. To enhance one’s well-being, unblocking and balancing these chakras is essential. Techniques like meditation, yoga, Reiki, and crystal therapy can help clear and harmonize these energy centers, promoting physical and emotional balance. While the number of chakras may vary, their importance in maintaining overall vitality and spiritual harmony remains a central theme in various belief systems.


Breathe | Yoga | Meditation | Spirituality | Nature | Ayurveda | Wellness | Mindfulness | Energy Healing | Self Development | Crystals & Gemstones | Spiritual Life | Enlightenment | Affirmation. Just Breathing Until the last breath of life. The Secret of life is only Breath. Yes, look and feel your breath whenever you breathe. Keep breathing – Just Breathing! The truth is, we know that inadvertent breathing is lethargic! But do you think that the work done unknowingly was done by mistake? So don’t we make a mistake in breathing! The presence of the mind with time is the only real meditation. Always live in the waking state and always keep breathing.

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