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How to Get 10k Followers on Instagram Organically For Free

We know Instagram is a social network for sharing photos and videos. It was founded in 2010. In April 2012, it was sold to Facebook for $1 billion.

Before we start – How to Get 10K followers on Instagram organically?
Let’s see some interesting facts about Instagram.

Instagram statistics facts:

(1) In terms of the active user, Instagram is on the sixth Number. 

  • (After _ Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, and WeChat)

(2) There are 1 billion monthly active Instagram users as of 2019.

(3) 500 million daily Instagram Stories users.

(4) Instagram users by top 5 countries:

  • 1) United State: 110 million users 
  • 2) Brazil: 70 million users 
  • 3) India: 69 million users 
  • 4)Indonesia: 59 million users 
  • 5) Russia: 40 million users

(5) The average age of Instagram users: 

  • 1) 18-29 year: 59% 
  • 2) 30-49 year: 33% 
  • 3) 50-64 year: 18% 
  • 4) 65+ year: 8%

The global Instagram user base on Male or Female: 

  • 1)Female – 51.2% 
  • 2) Male – 48.8%

(6) Instagram users will spend an average of 28 minutes per day

(7) The Average Content on Instagram as:

  • 1) Images – 73.5% 
  • 2) Video – 13.7% And 
  • 3) Carousels – 12.7%

(8) 11% of U.S. social media users shop on Instagram

(9) Top Instagram user interests: 

  • 1)Travel (45%)
  • 2) Music (44%) 
  • 3) Food and drink (43%) 
  • 4) Fashion (42%), 
  • 5) Movie (41%) Then Helth and Fitness, 
  • Technology, Skincare/cosmetic, Sport, News (35% – 28%) 

NOTE: All data received from trustable websites like (Facebook, Statista, Hootsuite, Recode, Socialbakers)

As we know there are lots of traffic on Instagram, Every day millions of people engage with lots of posts and accounts. As per research, there are 25 million business accounts on Instagram.

There are only three ways to Grow Instagram followers

  1. Grow Instagram followers organically
  2. Buy Instagram followers (Totally Wrong Way)
  3. Through Paid Ads

We will never recommend buying Instagram followers through a Paid Instagram followers provider agency. Because through some Doller you Got some followers fast but it’s a fake. You will decrease your post engagement. 

Get 1k followers on Instagram, Instagram in 5 minutes, and 1000 followers on Instagram in 5 minutes: Accordingly, they will give you an attractive offer. But Inactive followers are useless! 

Through paid Ads is a great way to gaining your following list. But it’s cost you some money!
With Instagram Paid Ads you got targeted followers. But you have to invest first to generate the following and grow Instagram followers!

The correct way to growing Instagram followers is to grow Instagram followers Organically.

It will give you great engagement! And you will take your business through Instagram Next level.
To get more followers on Instagram do the following things:

Pro Tips and Tricks to get 0 to 100k followers fast within 4 Months!

Step by Step guidance to Gain:

  • 0 to 1k Followers
  • 1k to 10k followers
  • 10k to 100k followers

Now How to Get 10k Followers on Instagram Organically?

The proper Freeway to Get 10K followers on Instagram organically:

1) Instagram SEO

Before we start, First of all, Go to profile settings and “Switch to Business Profile” And Correct These all things that mandatory for your niche & style of account!
Identify the best keywords according to your niche/Business

  1. Username: Choose your username Properly ( Target to your niche/Business)
  2. Name: Your name title is most affecting on Instagram search engine
  3. Baio: You have 150 letters to write amazing Baio on your profile. You have to use correctly. 
Instagram SEO-How to grow instagram following

SEO is everything about keywords. Target related keyword in your 1. Name 2. Baio 3. Username
When users search on the Instagram search bar only targeted keywords can help your account to rank top.

2) Posting an Instagram Post Correctly!

  • Post-High-quality content.
  • When you going to post an Image/Video as Post Write some caption related to your post. (As per research 36% user see your caption description) Also, use some targeted keywords in the Caption!
  • Use Alt Text with targeted keywords!
  • Don’t forget to use location-related for your post!
  • You have to use some call to action to get more engagements (*question *Share *like *tag)
  • Also, request the user to turn on post Notification. Because when you Post a new post they will be notified.

Quotes and Captions will drastically change our thinking. And wonderful in our lives! 

Here you can see a list of Captions and Quotes About Yoga, Meditation, Breathe, Nature, Self-Love, and more. Feel free to use these captions with your Every social media post. It will attract your post in front of your friends and family. And you will get lots of likes on your Posts!

Use Alt Text with targeted keyword to how to get 10k followers on instagram hack

3) Use Targeted hashtags

  • In every Instagram post, you can write 30 Hashtags. Use them properly…
  • Use targeted hashtags related to your niche/Business.


  • If your account is new then use hashtags with fewer posts!
  • Don’t use the same hashtags in every post!
Use Targeted hashtags to Increase Instagram Followers

Hashtags are very important to viral your post on Every social media, Mostly on Instagram and Twitter. We have listed Quality Hashtags Related to yoga hashtags, meditation hashtags, spiritual hashtags, breath hashtags, self love hashtags, manifest hashtags, wellness hashtags, Nature Hashtags amd More…

You can also use these best hashtags for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Titktock, Youtube, Or Other Platforms! So feel free to use these hashtags to spread more love and knowledge to Our One World Community – Just Breathing!

4) Action for Reaction

Yes, Follow for Followers is working for everyone, But how to do Correctly to Grow Instagram followers organically?

  • Go your targeted hashtag or post
  • Find recent post (Because in the recent post all user are active at this time )
  • Follow post liker
  • A message that user Or Comment on resent Post (Why they follow you!)
  • Like 2-3 Post to that user (its called 1-2 Punch Method) With 2-3 like they think you are interested in her profile and there is 50% chance to they are visiting your Profile too!
Follow for following is working for everyone But how to do Correctly to grow Instagram followers organically

Use all these methods if you struggling to increase the following.

If you are new or you have less then 1500 Followers.
After the 1.5K followers, you do not have to do all kinds of hard work! because after 1k followers on Instagram, your post will be getting some initial engagement from your followers, and then your Hastaga will Rock your every post!

Trust me, friends, When you have only 1000 Followers on Instagram, The magic to make money with Instagram will start.
It takes less than 10 Days with the right technic. Then you can start earning With Instagram If you do correctly!

use right hashtugs - how to get 10k followers on instagram hack


  • Don’t follow more than 200-300 user per day
  • Don’t follow more than 40 users per hour
  • Don’t message more than 14 per hour!
  • Don’t like more than 50 posts per hour
  • Don’t comment more than 14 per hour

Why because this is all about how Instagram algorithm work!
Otherwise, you will be going to block for some hours or days through Instagram! We have to hake an Instagram algorithm to Increase Instagram Followers Organically.

5) Post constantly with a perfect time

If you are not a celebrity or any famous person, then you will never Increase Instagram Followers overnight! It’s not possible!

The only way to grow Instagram followers organically is Day by Day posting a correct post constantly.

The only way to Get 10K followers on Instagram organically is Day by Day posting a correct post constantly.

Know some Pro Tips and Tricks to get 0 to 10k followers fast within 1 Month!

Try to gain followers in steps:
0 to 1k Followers
1k to 5k followers
5k to 10k followers

Time is also affecting ranking your post and getting more engagement through your followers or other users!

Note: You can check your follower’s activity by using Instagram Insights.

Do simple research on when Instagram users are most active in your country! And identify which is the best time for posting.

6) Instagram Stories

Instagram Story is also a more effective way to increase your Instagram Engagement!
We Know as per research there are more than 500 million daily Instagram Stories users.

you can create a story with Pitcher or 15-second Short Video related to your Niche/Business.
Use different story filters or features and Use a call to action and some Questions to get more engagements!

7) Shoutout with a similar Instagram account

Find some similar profiles related to your niche/business and message for shouting each other. Try to convince for (Tag for Tag, Story Shoutout for a shoutout, Caption mention for the mention)
This is a Great Freeway to grow Instagram followers organically by helping each other.

8) Share your post on other Social Networks

Share your post on the Facebook Instagram influencer group. There are millions of people and thousands of Instagram influencer groups Available! 

Join a few of them related to your niche/business and share your post with your Instagram Profile URL. 

100% you will be getting a decent amount of traffic to your profile. And that traffic will Increase Instagram Followers Organically.

  • You can also share your post on other platforms to increase more engagement Like (Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, Linkedin…)

Do more things to grow Instagram followers organically, If it’s Possible!

9) Create an amazing Feed (Choose a Theme)

Yes, Follow for Followers is working for everyone, But how to do it correctly to Increase Instagram followers organically?

  • Go to your targeted hashtag or post
  • Find recent post (Because in the recent post, all user are active at this time )
  • Follow post liker
  • A message that the user Or Comments on recent Post (Why they follow you!)
  • Like 2-3 Post to that user (its called the 1-2-1 Punch Method) With 2-3 like they think you are interested in her profile and there is a 50% chance they are visiting your Profile too!
Create beautiful Instagram feed to get real 10k followers on Instagram

Create an Instagram feed that looks amazing to get real 10k followers on Instagram.

create beautiful Instagram profile highlights to get real 10k followers on Instagram

Create beautiful Instagram profile highlights to get real 10k followers on Instagram

10) Give away if Possible!

Give away and the contest is a great way to Increase Instagram Followers.

Give away contest will increase Your Instagram followers 10X
Everybody wants free stuff! Try to Give away some gifts or Give any discount offer.
In return, like the post with him, share the post, tag someone, follow one hundred percent, and ask for comments also.

Give away and the contest is a great way to Increase Instagram Followers

The giveaway contest will increase your engagement and followers like Crazy!

11) IGTV video

More than 1 min to 10 min video on Instagram considering an IG video.
Only verified user IGTV videos are up to an hour long.
Your account allows you to upload videos onto IGTV via the Instagram app or the IGTV app.

More than 1 min video, Instagram automatically considers as IGTV Video. Create an IGTV video, It will increase engagement to your Profile!

12) Go Live

Trying to build relationships with your followers. At last, Your followers will be going to your customer!

13) Create Instagram Reels

Go to the Reels Creation screen and tap Photo Square in the lower-left corner of your screen. …
Select one or more quality videos to build your reel.
Edit the length of each video one by one until you reach a maximum of 15 seconds.
Then click on the back arrow to watch the whole video. (Source and More about Instagram reels…)

Use keywords in the Description and proper Hashtags as we discussed earlier.

Right now, Instagram is paying more attention to the reels. So to grow Instagram fast and engage with more Instagram users you need to post a minimum of one reel a day.

Conclusion For Grow Instagram Followers Organically

  1. SEO: Keywords 1. Name 2. Bio 3.Username
  2. Post description with Keyword / Alt Text + geolocation
  3. Hashtags
  4. New Photos/recent comment (* Follow *Like *follow post liker * messages) like 1-2 Punch Method 
  5. Post time *Consistency Day by Day
  6. Stories (Utilize new Stories features)
  7. (*question *Share *like *tag) Call to Action
  8. Shoutout at the similar account (Help for Help) (Tag for Tag)
  9. Facebook Instagram influencer group
  10. Give away if Possible!
  11. Choose a Theme (Create your Amazing feed)
  12. IGTV video and Shere it on Instagram and other platforms
  13. Instagram Live
  14. Create Instagram Reels

Besides, there is no special way to Grow followers on Instagram.
Wrongly brought followers will only make you feel good in Nambur But in fact, this is none other than the number.

Only at the right time, in the right way, and with a good post can you increase your Instagram followers!
But if you are not a famous person or a celebrity then it will take some time!

The time to grow followers will also determine the type of your account.

But if you do well every day according to the steps outlined above, So the need for your Instagram followers will increase.

And if you can’t wait like this, and you still have to increase followers soon, So this is the quickest and shortest way to get 100k followers on Instagram…

[ Photo disclaimer: In this article, we are trying to helping each other. All Screenshots are used for knowledge purposes. If for some reason creator have any issue regarding credit or removal so please contact us ( ]

So this is everything that we have to know about How to Get 10K followers on Instagram organically! This is a game of passion. 

We can also increase Instagram followers by running Instagram paid ads but it’s called paid traffic not organic.

Implement all steps on your Instagram and definitely, you will see the best results!

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