You are currently viewing Sanskrit Symbol for Breathe actually the Symbol of Om in Ancient India!

Sanskrit Symbol for Breathe actually the Symbol of Om in Ancient India!

Ancient Sanskrit symbol for breathe deeply and om symbol means as follows:

Sanskrit is an important language of Indian culture. Sanskrit is an inexhaustible store of knowledge, information, and methods. Here is detailed information about understanding the Sanskrit symbol for breath in ancient India.

Life enters our body by riding on the breath. And life ends with the ride of breath. But between them how many times did you take the Breath? I mean breathing while awake. conscious breathing.

There are 72,000 nerves in our body. Like these rivers, the system has channels or ways of life. These 72,000 nerves have no physical expression.
In a sense, if you cut off the human body, you won’t get any of it. But when you become more aware of the body, you will definitely see that the energies in the body exist automatically. There are 72,000 different ways in which prana or energy circulates in the body. Life is a breath of energy, it is very important.

If you haven’t been surprised yet, here I am talking about breathing in the waking state. Conscious breaths… breathe…

Now let us understand whether the Sanskrit symbol for breath is Om or not.

Ancient Sanskrit Symbol for Breathe

The technique of pranayama breathing and breathe Sanskrit symbol meaning may have been invented in ancient times. Each ancient civilization has its own distinct inspiration. But in these religious texts of Indian Hindu culture, special attention is paid to breathing and Om.

Pranayama has been a part of yoga-meditation-sadhana since ancient times which controls vitality.
Made from prana (life energy = breath) + yam (control), the symbol for breathe is prana. Pranayama will mean “breath control” or “breath restraint”, or it can also be understood as “prana-Ayama” which means “freedom of breath”. . Or “relief breathing”.

ancient sanskrit symbol for breathe just breathe om symbol meaning - original significance of lotus om breath symbol
Sanskrit Symbol for Breathe

The Sanskrit symbol for breath was actually!

I actually tried to find the symbol of ancient Indian Sanskrit breath in Indian mythology and on the internet. But here in fact the symbol of breath is referred to as prana.

According to the descriptions of the great sages and meditative monks who have gone into the depths of life, the understanding of the origin of Ekaksharam (Om) begins.

Breath is prana, and Om is the symbol of breath in ancient Indian Sanskrit.

To understand the Sanskrit symbol for breath more easily, let us try to understand the symbol of Om () according to the Sanskrit grammar.

Sanskrit Symbol for om (Amu)

(ॐ) Aum in which the whole universe is contained. Or the whole universe is Om! There is a lot of power in the pronunciation of Om.

By chanting the name of Om, positivity arises in and around us. All the negative energy gets transformed into positive energy.

But what is Om after all? what is the meaning of aum?

Simple OM Symbol meaning

Om is called ‘Anhad Naad’. Which resonates inside every individual and in the infinite universe. There is no reason for Om to resonate because that is the energy. (sound of Silence)

Generally, sound is produced by the collision of an object. But the sound of Om (Aum) cannot be produced. It is present everywhere.

Om is in every religion. Going to Central Asia, Aum became ‘Amin’ and ‘Amen’. The Sanskrit symbol for om is made up of three letters. aaa + uuu + mmm

These are the original sounds that keep on being uttered all around us.

ॐ om symbol meaning in english - simple full meaning of om mantra - sanskrit om symbol
ॐ sanskrit symbol for om meaning

Breath and Om are very closely related words Pranav.

Also known as Om Omkar and Ekksharam,

Pranav is the source and controller of life, as we know it, and therefore, it is also known as the divine voice, or divinity itself.

In this article, we are going to think in-depth about the origin, importance, symbolism, and proper pronunciation of Pranav.

What is your definition of God? Different people may have different beliefs about the shape, form, and name of God, but they all have the same established principle.

What is commonly referred to as God is the very source of creation.


where is the source of this creation?

If you look closely at the plant shoots, or a small child grows up, while the raw material for it, is collected from the outside. It grows using external energies, but the process of creation itself seems to be taking place from within.

So there is something that is created, and the creator is within creation. This is the most beautiful process of all.
All creation, animate or inanimate, is at some stage of creation, maintenance or destruction, everything is happening from within.

Now, this means, the source of creation, is within every single thing that is created. Among all of creation, it is the human creature, which is endowed with the capability of being conscious of this tremendous phenomenon. It is, of course, a different matter that most of us, live and die, either ignoring or denying this possibility.

While all of this may seem very puzzling at first, there is a tremendous possibility here.

Possibility to reach the source of creation inside. The attainment of divinity within. Being divine. Experiencing Infinite Energy …

This God, the guide or guru of every religion tries to help us explain.

Sanskrit symbol for aum (ॐ) meaning everything.

To empower our own abilities, to activate the source of creation within us. All this scripture on spirituality is trying to help us. To explain to us the process of turning inward, because that is where the divinity lies.

1: Charaka, says:  “Purushyo’yam loka sannidah” (Man is a miniature universe) &
2: Yajurveda says:


It is – “As is the individual, so is the universe, as is the universe, so is the individual” or “As is the human body, so is the cosmic body, as is the cosmic body is the human body”.

brain cells and universe - Yajurveda says-YATHA PINDE TATHA BRAHMANDE-birth of cell and death of a star

“Infinite Intelligence” We know that the fabric of our universe grows and expands like a brain in addition to being conscious.
A study by a scientist of nature and space has revealed that the galaxy is expanding and evolving in the same pattern as the human brain. The development of complex networks such as the human brain, the Internet, and the Galaxy follows the same “natural growth dynamics.” ॐ Om: is the root of a complex network. Vibration – God Particle

Let’s briefly try to understand the ancient Sanskrit symbol for breathe in spiritual language.

Breathe Sanskrit symbol meaning

We know that the most obvious sign of life inside the body is breathing. And breathing is the secret to opening up infinite dimensions.

Its Sanskrit name is Prana Vayu. Prana can be roughly translated as life. The source of life is Prana, Pranav.

This life force manifests itself as aspects of creation, maintenance, and destruction (-electro +proton 0neutrons) within human life. Know more detailed information about Atomic Structure and Trimurthis 

“Infinite Intelligence” We know that the fabric of our universe grows and expands like a brain in addition to being conscious.
A study by a scientist of nature and space has revealed that the galaxy is expanding and evolving in the same pattern as the human brain. The development of complex networks such as the human brain, the Internet, and the Galaxy follows the same “natural growth dynamics.” ॐ Om: is the root of a complex network. Vibration – God Particle

Brahma, Vishnu Mahesh meaning is electron proton neutron in ancient time

The sounds associated with this are aa, uuu, and mmm.

These sounds are heard inside the human body, below the navel, on the chest, and above the neck.

No one needs to go far to experience the inner and infinite sound of the body. Pronouncing these sounds loud enough will also give strength to these specific parts of the body.
Phonologically this sound makes the onset of small vibrations more clear. Pranav’s voice is a mixture of aaa, uuu, and mmm.

Tap your ears a little … very quiet … and listen ….
If you can’t hear, take a deep breath and snort a little louder from the action.
And you will hear aauummm (ॐ)

This vibration is caused by the vibration of the senses. (Vibration of the sixth sense …)

The strength of a one-minute breath.

Breath is very directly connected to how mental fluctuations happen.

Normally a human being breathes somewhere 12 to 15 times per minute, Breath is very directly connected to how mental fluctuations happen.

Suppose naturally by doing the right kind of things with your system if this happens not by an effort.
If your breathing drops below 11 you begin to perceive the various reverberations, all the subsonic sounds that are happening around you in which the animals are communicating become very clear to you.

Now, If your breathing naturally falls below nine without controlling it! Then, what plants are exuding? Plantlife! It becomes very clear to you what he is doing.
And If your breath goes down to six, then inanimate things! How they are behaving. Everything will be normal for you.
This is known as “pragma” which means that the repetition of each form and the sounds associated with it become very clear to you or in other words capture the nature of the universe.

If you know the language of the inanimate. Each form is how it is made! What is his nature! What it is now and what it will evolve or what it was yesterday and what it has evolved.

All this is becoming clear to you.


Breath is the experience of infinity.

As the worries of existence diminish, humans will naturally evolve to understand higher things. There are different ways of presenting them traditionally.

It is usually called Rudra – Hara – Sadashiva.

  • one is still but he’s vibrant, he’s roaring!
  • Another is still but he’s inactivity still!
  • Another is absolutely still.

Now what is always absolutely stable is known as the ultimate intellect. The real truth of the universe.

Everything else is active in his anxiety.

rudra hara sadashiva meaning - ancient sanskrit symbol for breathe - ॐ om ohm symbol meaning
Source: Isha Foundation on Twitter

He is sacrificing his intellect to a certain level to stay in a state of action. And the conscious senses become restrained and only become visionary. But what is still, is considevred the highest intelligence.

It is only in Eastern mysticism. The source of creation is always celebrated as the supreme intellect. If you look at the universe! It is full of intelligence everywhere.

If we only told people that God is intelligent, we would have a more sensible world.

The source of creation is intelligence. This can be achieved quickly through breathing. The Buddhist calls this method the method of Vipassana.

In final words

Just breathe symbol in Sanskrit is Om

OM awakens the navel, heart, and Ajna chakra (Agya chakra or Third eye chakra). Continuous chanting of Om gives complete freedom from stress.

By chanting Om, our mind becomes calm and countless physical pains are removed. Hence the first word in the mantra of Hinduism and other religions is Om. 

Due to this, internal and external disorders are diagnosed and regular chanting increases the aura of the person. Which has been proved by research.

You can hear this energy sound “Om” on the banks of the river, by the sea, or in a quiet place. 

Try to listen carefully to the sound of Om.

Notice that Om sound is common in whatever sounds are coming around. With continuous efforts, you can easily listen like this anytime.

Om sound is continuously utter inside your body as well. Close your eyes… take a deep breath.. and focus on your consciousness… you will definitely be able to hear it.

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Understanding the Breathe Symbol in Sanskrit

The Breathe symbol in Sanskrit carries a profound meaning that intertwines the essence of breath with spiritual insight. In Sanskrit, the symbol for breathe is represented as ‘श्वास,’ and it signifies a deep connection between the act of breathing and one’s spiritual journey.

The Sanskrit symbol for breathe encourages us to explore the significance of each inhalation and exhalation. It is a reminder of the precious life force within us and a bridge to our spiritual connection. This symbol invites us to practice mindfulness, directing our focus inwards, nurturing the link between our inner selves and the vast spiritual universe. Embracing the breathe symbol in Sanskrit is a powerful way to infuse our spiritual journey with a profound appreciation for the sacred act of breathing, providing serenity, equilibrium, and enlightenment along the way.

This was the ancient Indian sanskrit symbol for breathe meaning and necessary information.  This article is all about: the ancient Sanskrit symbol for breath deeply – sanskrit breathe symbol – just breathe symbol – Sanskrit symbol for om – the original significance of lotus om breath symbol – om symbol meaning in English


Breath | Yoga | Meditation | Health | Affirmation Just Breathing Until the last breath of life. The Secret of life is only Breath. Yes, look and feel your breath whenever you breathe. Keep breathing – Just Breathing! The truth is, we know that inadvertent breathing is lethargic! But do you think that the work done unknowingly was done by mistake? So don’t we make a mistake in breathing! The presence of the mind with time is the only real meditation. Always live in the waking state and always keep breathing.

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